Terms and Conditions

Payment & Pricing


The price for all goods will be as shown. The prices displayed are quoted in U.S. dollars. Prices and availability information are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include sales tax, where applicable, or delivery costs, both of which you agree to pay upon ordering.

Product Descriptions

We aim to be accurate as possible when describing and displaying products in our shop. However, items may occasionally be described inaccurately, or unavailable. Certain weights, measures and similar descriptions are approximate and are provided for convenience purposes only, and fit and sizing may vary between products. The technical specifications and settings of your computer/device and its display could affect the accuracy of its display of the colors of products listed. We reserve the right to change or update information and to correct errors, inaccuracies, or omissions at any time without prior notice.

Order Acceptance

All orders placed by you are subject to acceptance by Find Love Soon and all items are subject to availability. Acknowledgement of your order means that Find Love Soon has received your order request; it does not mean that your order has been accepted or shipped, or that the price or availability of an item has been confirmed. Find Love Soon may in its discretion require additional verification or information before accepting any order. Find Love Soon reserves the right, without prior notice and in its sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason.